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 eHUMG’s Monetization  Platform System is designed for commoditization of any tangible or intangible asset into an intrinsic commodity and monetized on the iCExchange for  digital and physical delivery-


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Intrinsic Commodity Exchange is under development


  • eHUMG eCommerce Household Unity Monetization Graph technology venture is developing the Monetization Platform System. Aiming a major disruption in the traditional dominant online eCommerce product search, Commodity, and Commerce industry sectors. Creating a new market of the eCommerce Household Unity (eHU) Revenue Venuee entities. The HU Revenue Venue’s eCommerce household units platform will incubate a new breed of Intrinsic Commodity creators and the iCExchange market maker trader consumer-influencers.  The MPsystem allows buyers and sellers to create,  commoditize,  monetize, and transact, while providing their’ listing and transaction commission fees free. The platform revenue arrives from the innovated DeFi sector.
  • The eHU Monetization Platform System business model addresses, user privacy concerns and the prospect of anti-monopoly technology segment rules.
  • The eHU Monetization Platform System business model may comply with the 2021 Chinese technology sector regulations/ anti-monopoly rules.
  • The eHUMG Monetization Platform system’s disruptive technology  revolutionizes the online search and trade for consumption goods and services. Modeling a new alternative commodity of anything; Transferring ownership and digital or physical delivery of the digitalized image data of any tangible & intangible asset into an ‘Intrinsic Commodity (iCommodity) asset class (with the blockchain sitting beneath), are the essential mechanism of the eHUMG eCosystem, that are lacking in the current local-global consumption market business.
  • The eHUMG Monetization Platform unique business model disruptive innovations, including; global terms and conditions; intrinsic commodity of anything; a user’s privacy concerns, we aren’t tracking members; consumption goods and service online search technics by replacing it with the CAmCPA algorithm one click forward discovery search; basically free-cost listings, no transaction fees; decentralized advertising and outsource advertising bypassing advertisers benefiting mass-market arena of consumer-Influencers.
  • The iCExchange is an electronic trading platform with a new kind of alternative iCommodity asset-class is designed for the eHU Revenue Venue market members.  
  • The traditionally dominant exchange business model poses a conflict of interest with the local connected producer and consumer These types of commodities give the global financial world a highly permissible structure to trade on what can be unsustainable margins, and hedge based on a one-size-fits-all model; contrary to eHU hedge sectors and complexes that will be large in scope, but will facilitate all sizes and varieties., 
  • The iCExchange technology will transform any widget, physical product, service as a product, or scientific asset into iCommodity alternative asset class increasing the widget’s intrinsic value by enabling locally global consideration of ownership. 
  • The new iCommodity has value because the widget is desired based on supply and demand. The eHUMG technology is bringing content to a reliable platform that looks beyond the speculative value phase.   
  • Any tangible or intangible asset that can be commoditized is considered a valuable asset and can be converted into tradable iCommodity  (Consumption goods and service) and monetized on the 24/7 Bid and Ask iCExchange for the digital and physical delivery.   
  • The iCExchange smart image technology constitutes a specific intrinsic commodity model that can be derived from any digitalized image date and presented at the iCExchange’s monetization trade. All digital or physical assets can now be commoditized, tokenized, and traded on the iCExchange’s state or provincial derivatives markets. The iCExchange provides the consumer, producer, and provider with a local-global procurement platform to define new ‘intrinsic value commodity product from inception to delivery.    
  • The iCExchange was constructed to be inclusive, any interested buyer or seller can trade, and takes delivery of any iCommodity created by the mainstream of eHU Revenue Venue market members across a broad spectrum of classification and varieties representing all industries’ consumption goods and services
  • eHUMG Platform Monetization Patent prospects, allow for a broadening interpretation of the CAmCPA algorithmic, one click forward discovery search in general bypassing a big data, supported by Smart Image Commoditization Technology. 
  • New Business Model Includes Anti-Monopoly & Privacy Solutions– 
  • New Commoditization
  • New iCommodity
  • New Consumer Ads
  • New Markets
  • New Monetization
  • New Purpose
  • New Search
  • New Social Commerce  
The iCExchange enables member to become 
 mainstream market-maker-trader-influencer.


  •  The eHUMG Monetization Platform’s iCExchange will provide efficient monetization and trading systems for D2C direct-to-consumer & C2P consumer-to-producer markets bypassing the needs of large fulfillment centers. The iCExchange will model a new kind of alternative asset class for all consumption commodity derivatives markets.   
  • The cresting wave of a new world of creativity and finance begins with the C2P and D2C markets included NFT and DeFi protocols. The eHU NFT market, only digital original asset will be commoditized for the certification of copyrights and monetized on the iCExchange. The eHU DeFi market creates an innovative revenue model currently not existing in traditional dominant eCommerce markets. 
  • The Competitors: The eHU Monetization Platform’s two disruptive  mega innovations have been in the development stage to compete with an eCommerce and other leading platforms of the digital economies for their market’s consumer attention: (1) Proprietary CAmCPA algorithmic forward discovery search. It will bypass the traditional dominant eCommerce (product & service) online search techniques; (2) Futures market, state or province consumption goods crowd pools.
  • eHUMG ecosystem is not collecting the user’s personal data “WE are not tracking members“. The revenue model is not monetizing a commission from the participant transactions.
  • The eHUMG is a private-owned technology venture (Co-founders) is developing a local-global eHU monetization platform infrastructure that aims to inflect a major disruption in the traditional dominant search technics, commodity markets, and  eCommerce industry sectors.
  • R & D: For several years, the venture has been in development of a new business model of multi-sided eCommerce marketplace and crypto commodity exchange platform to empower the household market into a new socio-economic role. The eHU Monetization Platform will entitle the household to become the eHU Revenue Venue entity and a neighborhood fulfillment center that may include a local delivery service. By introducing the Smart Image Technology the iCExchange will enable members to create, buy, sell, and trade the Intrinsic Commodities. 



The eHUMG Monetization Platform is an electronic trading system that creates a new commodity market, and trades a new kind of CCC (Consumer consumption commodity), and CDI (Consumption derivative instruments) or ‘iCommodity on the iCExchange platform. By introducing Image technology on an Exchange format and a trading platform, virtually anything that can be digitized can become an intrinsic commodity and valuable tradeable asset. 

The Monetization Platform’s grassroots iCExchange is a country, state, or province operated structured. The  24/7 Bid and Ask trading exchange converts any digital image data content, physical product, service as a product, personal image/ voice intellectual property,  or scientific asset into a tradeable ‘iCommodity and monetizes for digital and physical delivery.” Any tangible or intangible asset that can be digitized is considered an asset and can be converted into a ‘iCommodity with iCExchange image technology. The eHU Monetization Platform technology aims to make obsolete the traditional dominant online search technics by replacing it with a state-of-the-art CAmCPA algorithm system.



  • The eHUMG monetization platform system is an entrepreneur graph to empower the global market of households into a new socio-economic role. The household market (Individual or Enterprise entities) can utilize the iCExchange technology platform to build the eHU Revenue Venue entity. A local, globally collective consumption goods and service  buyer and seller marketplace.
  • The new market of eHU Revenue Venue enterprise affiliates that each creates, consumes, produces, and transacts. The eHU Monetization Platform system wherein the iCExchange technology algorithms connecting buyers, sellers, and market maker influencers, the participants of the local consumption goods and service crowd pools.
  • eHU Revenue Venue 1.0 The eHU Monetization Platform system will provide a framework to help set up of the eCommerce household unit revenue venue (eHUrv) entities. Besides being a consumption goods buyer, seller, and trader the eHUrv extended activities may include home-based fulfillment center, and local delivery service on the foot, bike, e-scooter, or e-bike. With the arrival of TaaS autonomous vehicles fleet in the certain cities, the service of eHUrv  can provide autonomous vehicle delivery and subscription ride service.
  • Social-eCommerce credence to purchase, increase conversions and drive revenue of branding new experience. The eHU monetization platform’s decentralized advertising, crowdsourced advertising, and the social business macro lives streamer venues network will be built in the competitive social-eCommerce attention economy format, bypassing advertisers, benefiting consumption consumers.
  • Business strategists have adopted the term ‘attention economy’ and some writers have even speculated that ‘attention transactions’ will replace ‘financial transactions’ as the focus of our economic system. Information systems researchers have also adopted the idea and are beginning to investigate mechanism designs which build on the idea of creating property rights in attention”.
  • The eHU decentralized marketing model will contribute to the explosion of decentralized social-Commerce branding throughout eHUrv’s market-maker-trader-influencer networks. 
  • The eHU Revenue Venues’ market maker trader now can develop a new social-business eCommerce personality of consumption goods and services influencer, partnering a decentralized advertising, outsource advertising, and consumer crowd pools.
  • The eHU Revenue Venue’s consumer-to-producer and direct -to-consumer markets’ business model bypass eCommerce large fulfillment centers need.
  • The eHU decentralized advertising, outsource advertising and micro live streaming on the eHU Revenue Venue market will contribute to the exploding growth of the iCExchange market makers and the consumption consumer mass market influencer roles.



  • The creation of eHU grassroots commodity Exchange designated for eHU Revenue Venues market will facilitate trading of ‘Intrinsic Commodity asset-class. The iCommodity also called CCC (Consumer-consumption-commodity) created by the eHU Revenue Venue’s market members, traded on the eHU Exchange, will cover a spectrum complex and sectors of products and services in all industries. The option of converting CCC into CDI (Consumer derivatives Instrument) will innovate the Futures market with an easy and direct local trading mainstream platform for efficient monetization and digital and physical  delivery.   
  • By building eHU commodity Exchange’s state or provincial  geo-structured network that provides efficient parameters, measurements and revolutionize search technology, the eHU Monetization Platform will mature as a mainstream social-business consumption goods and services search engine. 


  • US and Canada monetization platform’s iCExchange will seek the partnering opportunity with the Commodity,  Finance, Hedge Fund, Private Equity to manage iCExchange country, state, or provinces derivative market.
  •     The eHU Transportation as a Service sector seeks the partnering opportunity with the autonomous service providers and the drone services in the selected US, Canada, and overseas major cities. eHU TaaS landscape will integrate with the partners’ Transport as a Service platform for delivery and subscription ride service TaaS Market.
  • eHU D2C Direct-to-Consumer market participants are ranging from small and  professional service provider and producer, of small, medium, and large productions and manufacturing output to local small business and professional service encompassing the country’s state and province markets.
  • eHU Exchange C2Producer market will extend the fast-growing C2M (Consumer-to-manufacturer) fashion industry market (Chinese C2M is a global leader). By introducing the eHU C2Producer market, the consumption goods producer and service provider becomes the product brand.
  • eHU C2P (Consumer-to-Producer) Pre-registration Phase1 information: included global manufactures C2Producer 


  • The eHU Revenue Venue market is designed to incubate individual or business enterprise members to become the iCExchange market maker trader influencer. The eHU Revenue Venue market’s member activities; intrinsic-commodity creator; consumption goods and service buyer and seller, and DeFi consumption pool trader, investor, borrower, and lender.  
  • eHU Revenue Venue’s market prospective member: Pre-registration Phase1 information: RV  
  • The iCExchange’s state of the art algorithmic CAmCPA one click forward discovery search system,  and Smart image technology commoditization are the eHUMG major disruptive technology solutions for the search, product, price, trade, and deliver that will increase the iCommodity’s potential valuation and expanding the consumer base.
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